Zombies keeps crashing after five minutes.

World War II Xbox One

I've refreshed the Xbox and reinstalled the game.


I get several messages, Memory error: 15 633, Lost connection to host/server.


I can play a couple of rounds and as soon as I enter the bunker, I crash out.  If I stay outside or down the bottom of the map, it works fine.


What is going on?  Can anyone advise?

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Yo estoy igual, cada vez es mas corta la partida. No eNcuentro solución, estoy hasta las narices de buscar la manera de poder jugar sin problemas.

Que hagan un parche o quiten las actualizaciones.

Esto es una vergüenza.

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I have the same problem. Followed the steps give on this forum to fix and it did not help. Basically a moderator provided a link to a reset by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

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I've been having this problem to since yesterday. As soon as I enter to the bunker the servers kick me out and show memory error 0xfffffff9 and 3 more that I don't remember now. The thing is I've done all troubleshooting even delete/ reinstall th game twice the the problem continues. I don't know what else to do. And I'm aware lots of players are having the same issue. Please Activision help your customers.

Thank you and I hope you resolve this very soon. Is really frustrating this happening on weekends specially in your day off.

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I've started having the same problem. I can't play longer then like 10-15 mins before I'm booted for whatever reason, error, memory error, lost connection to host, etc. This game is a good game and i really enjoy the zombies but this is bs. How is there a mention of a new game with some many problems still in this game? We don't need new games every single year if they took the time to make each game right. I'm not buying another call of duty if this one just gets looked over because it's my money and time I've invested in this game. I encourage any and everyone who finds this to be unacceptable to refrain from buying another call of duty. Someone has to answer for the poor quality of Microsoft's customer service and game making ability or lack the of. 

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This is under investigation according to Activision.... it happens to me every time  and still I wait for a solution.....deffo the worst made cod ever with so so many issues

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