any info on map voting for WW2

World War II Xbox One

i havent purchased a call of duty in a while but the fact they are coming out with this new one boots on the ground i am finally ready to step up an buy my first call of duty since MW3 and im asking a question and making a statement at the same time about voting for maps because ppl dont get to play maps we want to because of voting i dont think it should be left up to us anymore i think it should go, all the way to the roots! to me its Getting what you PAYED for id appreiate a update on this because i hate when i dont get the oppurtunity to play all maps reguardless of the community complaing about maps i think it shouldnt be left up to us when it comes to maps! and cut that DLC MAPS STUFF OUT GET MORE FANS BY MAKING THEM FREE i aint got money like that to keep up with yall map packs thats getting lil to demanding coming out with a game every year make those maps free then charge for camos, an accessories im tired of yall messsing up the lobbies for money! make it work i have faith in u guys, you listened to the ppl this year listen lil more an stop robbing us an come out with the full game with maps free an charge for extra content the maps ARE THE GAME ITS NOT EXTRA WHEN YOU ALREADY PAYED GET IT TOGETHER

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