World War II Xbox One

I'm a newbie to the game and have a question about CP. Is there a way to earn CP in the game instead of paying for it? If not, it seems a little lame. Do I get anythything for leveling up in multiplayer or is it all pay to win?

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you get armory credits for in game scoring, social score or simply going to the mail clerk every 2-3 hours. You can also perform orders and contracts to receive additional armory credits, or supply drops or XP.  If you complete X number of daily orders, you earn another supply drop.


Armory credits can be used to by items in a collection, which will allow you to unlock certain weapons, uniforms, etc.

Armory credits can also be used to by contracts. 


You can level up weapons, divisions and soldier.  Each has it's own perks associated. 



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You can't pay to win in this game. All you can buy are supply drops that contain mostly trash. You may get a gun varient which is 99% the same as the standard version. Earn armory credits 

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