issues with Death effects

World War II Xbox One

Ever since the update this past week on Black Ops 4, my death effects keep unequipping following any matches.  It is super annoying that I have to constantly go back into create a class to re-equip it.  Anyone else having the same issue or know a fix?

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Keeps happening to me too 👌🏼

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That is the same thing mine is doing I hope they fix it soon.


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been dealing with it since I got the magma it unequips any time I search for a game along with the black hole soul sucke confetti the money shot and even my rainbow from last season its aggravating
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Mine has been like that for over 2 weeks now! It's ridiculous that they haven't fixed this issue by now. It's like ever since Hot Pursuit came out I lost all access to my emblems and can't use paintshop or emblem editor. They still haven't fixed that, after me repeatedly contacting them about it. That's been months ago, and it doesn't look like that's ever getting fixed. They don't care as long as they get our money they're not going to fix crap!

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