A Few Unexpected Changes

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I haven't read up on the changes from the latest update. I did just play a quick game of The Tortured Path: Chapter 1.


3 things I've noticed....


- We can now choose the variant of the shovel. Not bad... it's only Aug 28th. Smiley Indifferent


- I killed the RaketenBrenner super duper easy. Even unlocked a hidden challenge because it only took on bomb to drop. Smiley Surprised


- I received an engineered part for a weapon that I don't have. Smiley Sad


Just some weird stuff that I wasn't prepared for. I'll have to read up on the update notes.


Anybody else notice anything?

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on the Final reich there is this...like red forcefield type thing spawning in on me and im not doing anything its just happening randomly...so thats the only new thing i've noticed..and one of the orders and contracts isn't working so far

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What I can tell you in The Tortured Path... there are definitely two new guns. I attained all the engineered parts for all the guns and the two that haven't been released yet. Will be interesting to see if my game bugs once they are released officially.


I can also verify that once you get all the engineered parts for all the guns... you only get 1500xp as a reward in its place. Haven't watched too much youtube this year so not aware if this is common knowledge.

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@iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:

Anybody else notice anything?

They added new pap effect for some weapon.I haven't tested alot but noticed that they gave the gpmg an effect and it may sound weird but it seems it was firing slower than the stat say on it(10).



 Edit: They added new starting weapons but are locked,dunno how to unlock those.I wonder why they added them because it's useless,the sap is way better as a starting weapons.

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