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Been trying for ages to get in contact with other players about this, I've recently come accross parts in the game that do not show up in the notebook so far I've noticed this part that looks like a small radio is in every part of the map for instance one in riverside one in village entrance one in village square and so on. Just wondering if anyone else has found these? I believe its a key to unlocking double pack a punch as you do not need this specific part for either of the main Easter Eggs...

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They look like videotapes to me xD 

Maybe they’re related to the double pap, maybe not. There’re also the grenade on the pap machine and several other stuffs which may be related to it aswell

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The different parts that u picked up are part of these video reacording they just tell u about the storyline of WWII Zombies. If u go to Dossier u should see Video Recordings thats were u watch the video that explains the storyline of WWII Zombies there are 26 of these around the map u have to pick up to unlock of them.

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