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Final Reich Progress easter eggs

Hello everyone, I've spent quite a few hours playing Zombies tonight with friends and we found some interesting clues. We actually walked around with the Brenner head all around the map and looked at every single thing but we did it only before the right hand and right after, we did not get to explore after activating the left hand or activating the voice of God.


Radios-They have numbers, we found 2 and they had the number 4 and 1, one of the guys shot one radio and it dissapeared, we tried the next one but nothing happened? Numbers? Order of shooting radios and for what purpose?


"Lighting Rods"-They re not only on the main tower, we noticed some where also positioned randomly across the roof tops. Purpose unknown right now.


Jack in the box emblems in some spots, have found no way of activating those yet or if they have any purpose.


Noticed boxes and "pads" that look like they can be activated. They look very much like the ones you'd use for the sword hilt but we found no way of turning them on.


Misterious box on the wall of house, steel box and what purpose?


Paintings- There's 3 machines to charge and input the codes for the voice of God, what is the fourth painting for? Every painting has "codes" on it but only 3 are used... still don't know what for.


Wustling Vats- You can notice them as you go into the laboratory and in each one you can see the Wustling, except for one that has no visible wustling but yet opens like the rest. We tried a couple of things to see what would happen or if there was a mechanism of sorts, nothing so far. Could be a dead end, it s directly above the machine in the lab.


AUF ZER- The golden gate in the morgue, roughly translated to one of three "to what" , "of what" , "on what". Why is that door and is there a secret? It is far too detailed of a door to be of no use and no meaning, as you can see zombies in the sewer pre-clearing the zombies, so can you see zombies walking behind the gate. It's intriguing.


The dissapearing door after killing the mass of dead crap of a boss and the chimneys, have found no way or point yet to it.


Recordings scattered around the final reich map, collected 10 so far but has done nothing?


Second rooster on top of the tower, what is it for?





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