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Hello everyone, I've spent quite a few hours playing Zombies tonight with friends and we found some interesting clues. We actually walked around with the Brenner head all around the map and looked at every single thing but we did it only before the right hand and right after, we did not get to explore after activating the left hand or activating the voice of God.


Radios-They have numbers, we found 2 and they had the number 4 and 1, one of the guys shot one radio and it dissapeared, we tried the next one but nothing happened? Numbers? Order of shooting radios and for what purpose?


"Lighting Rods"-They re not only on the main tower, we noticed some where also positioned randomly across the roof tops. Purpose unknown right now.


Jack in the box emblems in some spots, have found no way of activating those yet or if they have any purpose.


Noticed boxes and "pads" that look like they can be activated. They look very much like the ones you'd use for the sword hilt but we found no way of turning them on.


Misterious box on the wall of house, steel box and what purpose?


Paintings- There's 3 machines to charge and input the codes for the voice of God, what is the fourth painting for? Every painting has "codes" on it but only 3 are used... still don't know what for.


Wustling Vats- You can notice them as you go into the laboratory and in each one you can see the Wustling, except for one that has no visible wustling but yet opens like the rest. We tried a couple of things to see what would happen or if there was a mechanism of sorts, nothing so far. Could be a dead end, it s directly above the machine in the lab.


AUF ZER- The golden gate in the morgue, roughly translated to one of three "to what" , "of what" , "on what". Why is that door and is there a secret? It is far too detailed of a door to be of no use and no meaning, as you can see zombies in the sewer pre-clearing the zombies, so can you see zombies walking behind the gate. It's intriguing.


The dissapearing door after killing the mass of dead crap of a boss and the chimneys, have found no way or point yet to it.


Recordings scattered around the final reich map, collected 10 so far but has done nothing?


Second rooster on top of the tower, what is it for?





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Pretty nice findings.

2 things i can tell you:

"AUF ZER" is wrong. It is "Aufzug" which means "Elevator". Sometimes Dr.Straub is seen there.


The Recordings: you can find them in your soldier section. There is a section called "Recordings".

Those are videos from Dr.Straub about Zombies. And some Voice recordings from Klaus.


If you didn't know:

The chimney on the roofs everywhere can be exploded. Just throw nates at them.


The Zombies talk in different languages. 

Since the Story is about King Babarossa

it seems like they talk in German (comfirmed) french (comfirmed) and some other but not yet comfirmed languages.

The Zombies clearly mention the chimneys,

a hidden machine, "mind your own business",

and it seems like they also try to ask for help, somehow.


The developers gave us the hint that we

"Need to study History" which might mean we need to check the real facts and the "Myth" around King Babarossa.

In which Ravens play the biggest role for waking him up. And as we all know, everything ingame is connecting to ravens.

We have those spawnpoints of ravens evereywhere. They also spawn sometimes by shooting different things like toys or Statues.

To activate the voice we need to find those ravens.

The names of the  research things also contains "Ravens".


What if we actually can force those ravens to spawn, and maybe we need to find all.

Or MAYBE and thats my own theory , i think i never saw someone talking about it, and maybe you should read the myth about King Babarossa to fully understand it.


Someone somewhere said  "what if Dr.Straub is in the same position as the child in the story"

I don't think Dr.Straub will be the one.

I think it might be Klaus.


Klaus seems to be pretty much psychologically damaged. At first because of what he has done, and after that of course because of the things Dr.Straub and the Nazis did to him.

In the Hardcore Easter Egg we actually might have done something extremly terrible, and we are going to do some even worse...

We did the first steps for resurrecting Babarossa. We managed to get the Red Talon Sword, gave energy to his chamber and we ALMOST ressurrected him ( thats what i think) and only a few steps are missing.

Opening his Grave and telling him that the ravens are gone, so he finally could wake up, rais his army and conquere the world.


So far so good.

After killing Panzermörder, the Hilt RESURRECTS Klaus, because we filled it with immense power, and he starts walking over to the Well, burning himself to death.

-why should we go through such a hard quest to save him, just to seem him getting burned alive? Even if he was in pain, why should they keep him alive in the Panzermörder? I think becaus Dr.Straub  NEEDS Klaus, because HE is the one who will go to the chamber and ressurect babarossa.

Klaus kills himself with fire, because he knows that he can't die normaly, and the brainwash and the connection to the zombies almost made him to go ressurect babarossa, but he is strong enough to stop himself.


Soooo.... what if there is a way to SOMEHOW

not giving him a chance to kill himself, so he will be pulled to babarossa, ressurect him, survives, but WE helped to revive Babarossa.

Why else should Dr.Strraub observating us, beeing close to us, even if he is obviously unkillable. He could give us hell and stop us. But instead he gives us infos about his studies and let us do our thing.


As extension i think that we need to find all ravens. Maybe we can manage to move them somewhere ,maybe with Jack in the boxes (maybe we can upgrade the box somehow).

OR maybe we can somehow force ravens to spawn close to Klaus, so they maybe stop him, since they are the enemy of Babarossa.


I myself pretty much believe this, and i think the community is extremly close to figure it out.


Maybe we will do other steps to ressurect babarossa on dlc maps and later on we will have to go back, save klaus, ressurect barbarossa and finally defeat Straub.






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THis seems like an obvious thing to me but has anyone tried putting the batteries for upgrading Tesla guns into the right hand of god or something like that.     I’m just thinking of this bcuz of one of the wall panels that shows the raven lord guys striking the hand with their weapons.    

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check out "Burgundian language (Oïl)" after a lot of research on him...
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I have also been obsessing over the first map I think there is so much more than meets the eye I have noticed 5 buckets around the map that can be broken I am going to start a game now and try to shoot the paintings with the upgraded wonder weapons I am also going to try and not open the bunker door instead try to keep it closed and see if that changes anything 

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I accidentally upgraded the jack in the box and I'm not too sure how, I was just messing around and throwing them in odd places and messing throwing them at the workstation table in the toy shop...i gave up because I figured I wasn't going to figure anything out but later I noticed when my jack in the boxes would explode these colorful balls would come off of it like a cluster bomb and those balls would explode again....did I actually upgrade the jack in the box? Or am I late to the party? I have a video of it but I can't post it anywhere on Reddit, it keeps getting taken down. Can anyone help?


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