Getting kicked from online zombies?

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Getting kicked from online zombies?

What's been going on with the severs would be playing with random people online playing zombies then all of a sudden just stops and back to the main zombies screen and not get any of the xp or anything from the matches and it doesn't just happen at higher levels just had it happen a little while ago on like level 12. Has anyone else have this happen I have had it happen to me multiple times and im on the ps4 and my buddies have had it happen to them on the xbox so is it a game server problem or is it just a game problem? I'm about ready to stop playing cod ww2 zombies because of it

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Re: Getting kicked from online zombies?

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Has happened to me several times on xbox one over the last few days.  “Memory Error: 15 633” i believe is what I kept getting.  Have to shut game down and restart in order to reconnect.  I have looked up the cause and if there is a fix to no avail.  Looks like this has been an on-going issue since Nov 2017 with no repair.  Not sure what to do to be honest.

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