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High Round strategies and Tips

Hello. I always see people who cannot stay alive for very long, or are not team players in public matches. I am going to help you out by giving you a few tips about how you can stay alive longer, gain more xp from each game, and become a better team player. After my tips, I will supply some links to a few videos that will show you some strategies to get to higher rounds by yourself or with a friend legitimately. Remember to always play by the tips that I give you, and you will be able to get to the high rounds with relative ease.

1- Try not to keep your team bunched together in one area, or spot. If you do this, then all the zombies in inthe round will go toward your location. Zombies will usually go toward the closest player meaning if your teammate (or you) has a train of zombies behind you, and you run by them without thinking or warning your team, it can end very badly. You could trap your teammate or vice-versa.

2- Keep an eye open and watch for patterns, such as common zombie patchs or spawn. This will allow you to know the high danger areas/where to avoid going when there are very many zombies around. It will also let you kill a zombie before they have a chance to harm you or your team.

3- Always keep moving and try to avoid tight/narrow alleys where the zombies spawn. Always being on the move will lower the risk of being hit and losing armor while being aware of the zombies that come out of the spawn locations. Zombies will not usually be as fast as you while you are sprinting. Always get the Marathon Blitz from the fire trap (I don't remember the real name), that lets you run faster and for an infinite duration.

4- Don't waste your money on the box. The box is only good for getting the Jack-in-the-Box tactical equipment. The wallguns are way better than the box guns because you can buy ammo for them whenever you need them. I highly recommend the Thompson, Type-100, MP-40, or the PPSH (highly underrated). The guns are basically there for points in the higher waves, not kills. This being said, upgrading the gun does not realy do much except speed things along for you. Just try to conserve ammo, line up your shots where there will be 7+ zombies hit with each shot.

5- Locate the best area that you are most comfortable with, and begin to form a path/circle where you can form a train of zombies. If you do not know what I mean by this, I'll explain. Zombies go in a straight line toward the player (or the shortest path). If you run around in circles long enough, the zombies will be grouped together or in a long line right behind the other. This is called a train, and is the best method you can do to gain points/kill the hordes. The circles can be quite large, for example: Run from the fire trap, to the spawn area, make a right and head to the pub. Then head down the ramp (jumping down the ledge can actually get you killed) along the river until you get to the house with the Thompson wall gun, buy the gun/ammo and run back to the fire trap. Repeat. This does not have to be your prefered method, most people choose the areas they stay around the most and only deviate their paths when necissary.

6- Use Frontline to save money on Armor. The frontline ability has a mod that will give you 2 armor every time you activate frontline. This is a crucial way of saving hundreds of thousands of jolts a game. If you follow step 5, you have points to buy armor and should not get hit very often but this will save you a TON of money. Hitting multiple zombies with a single bullet actually helps to fill the special meter, and getting headshots even more so. Frontline will make all the zombies in the respective area to go after you, so be ready for this when youactivate it and follow steps 2+3. You will also be giving teammates abit of a breather if you near them, so be a team player if you find that an ally is surrounded or trapped. The special abillity is a matter of prefferance is will always be up to the player. Some prefer Camoflauge but I like Frontline.

7- Always be a team player. Share your jolts with those who need it and revive your fallen comrades. No money/ammo will make it harder on the newer players, and if you are following my tips then you should be ok with money. Don't be selfish. If a teammate is down, try to revive them. This does not mean sacrafice yourself. If for any reason you don't think you can revive a person in time without dieing yourself, don't. If it is a quality teammate then they would understand that people cannot always make it to you, and be ok with waiting for the next round.

Those are my MAIN guidelines that you should always follow and remember. If you follow these steps then you will be able to do the things in the videos I will post. Please be patient with the game, because at the higher rounds the zombies will eventually keep spawning. The videos I will be posting are about 3 strategies. Running around the map with the traditional path idea, a camping method for those who don't like to run around (eventually you will be overrun), and the trap method. Keep in mind that (most) traps do not count toward you kills/xp with the exception of the following: The fire trap counts toward the kill count but not the xp counter, the electric trap in the lab counts toward both kills and xp but gives a reduced amount of xp.


Video 1: This guy is following a circular path around the lab area using the bouncing betty, electric, and firepit traps


Video 2: Sewer Trap Strategy- The river side door of the sewers MUST be open for the saws to actually work.


Video 3: Hurricane strategy. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get to wave 50 that I found. This would probably appeal to campers, I don't really like this method but kudos to the person who first started doing it.


These are not my videos, I do not record my games. Should I start? I hope that this guide helps you all. Please let me know what you think, or if it has helped you. I am always helping people when I do a public match and I would like to see more people playing the game and getting farther with skill, rather than using a glitch because they can't get very far. These tips should help you out a lot Smiley Happy

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