Jack Attack Daily Order is not working

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what is the glitch? i heard someone was bitching about it because i guess they were going for a first EE completion, both teams were doing it i guess but the first team messed up i guess...the second team didn't...its the usual twitter salt, Also yeah it'll probably be buggy but because the game has BLACK OPS on the title...nobody is gonna talk about it....im surprised these games get buggy anyway...its literally a repeat of the same game from last year maybe one or two new things and thats it, i will give WW2 the win of letting people pick the character they wanna play as thats always nice

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@Darkcrescent1212 wrote:

what is the glitch? 

The flamethrower just melte the boss,saw a video and the boss fight took like 24 seconde.Some people got the outro cutscene and for other players the game just glitch and nothing happen.





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The "Jack Attack" order and "Pristine Condition" contract are working now. I just did them both. For the Pristine Condition contract all three handles need to stay above 85% during the Lightning rod step on TFR for it to complete.

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