Keep getting disconnected from zombies+memory error 15 609

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Memory error: 15 609

So every single online game of zombies the final Reich... I keep joining games already already started. Invariably between rounds 2-5... Then... After a few minutes of playing I get the black screen, then WW2 splash screen, then menu. Not always receiving an error either, other than disconnected from server... And the past 2 games memory errors! Thought these were resolved ages ago? 


Steps taken to troubleshoot:


Power switch on bother Router/Console

Port forwarded... again for both ww2 and XBL.

Checked packet loss and issues with broadband.... none.. And i have 250Mb up and 60Mb down.. So thats not the issue.

I have then deleted my save date/reserved space, quit and restarted the game.

Issue does not appear with the Online PVP, just Zombies PVE. 


I have played and purchased DLC for every single cod game and never had as much problems as this game. Its rediculous... I'm going to smash the bloody xbox in a minute!!!




See link attached: Zombies disconnected

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I keep getting kicked off zombies with a memory error 15 609 any ideas on what I could do to try and fix this is or is this something they need to fix

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I keep getting the same thing, and it's usually when I enter that bunker room. If I'm not the lobby host, I get connection timed out. If I am the host then I get "Memory error: 15 609".


Anyone know of a fix?

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Exact same thing here... there is another previous thread with about 4 pages of responses with the same issue. Activision has been completely worthless in helping
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I ask and they say they are fixing it...or trying😊

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You need to go to weapon build kits and make all your weapon standard issue no variants weapons no weapon charms no camos and after that go to system network settings Advanced network settings go down to alternate Mac address and clear it  it really works

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