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You keep asking for information.... we are telling you what we know!!! What are you expecting us to do????? We are all giving you the error messages and clearly explaing what we are experiencing during game play. We don’t know your job.... only you do. So please help us. That’s all we are asking. Because at the moment all of these fine people are trying to play your product and we can’t because it’s broken. Not every so often but consistently EVERY game.

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Why don't the developers from Sledgehammer or Activision log in to Zombies in a Public Match so they can see for themselves how bad it really is?
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Hey there, 


We are asking for information because it is being investigated. All of that information is being used to create reports that are relayed up to SHG so they can check into fixing the underlying issues causing these memory errors. Unfortunately there are multiple memory errors that are occuring in multiple ways in different modes, maps, rounds, and instances.

Some players have been able to fix those through just restarting their console (or verify on PC) or through reinstalling the game, but it is inconsistent and unfortunately we haven't seen any single fix or workaround that has worked for most people. I understand it is frustrating and we are, on multiple fronts, working on gathering information on this issue to help SHG resolve this bug. So, thank you everyone who has shared their information. 

If anyone does run into troubleshooting that works for them in resolving this error please do share here so others may be able to benefit from it. For now, we are waiting for updates about the issue and do not require any additional information from everyone, but thanks again everyone who has been reporting these errors. 

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Hi. just a little info I can put, is that it kicks you out of final reich early if 4 players. 3 players will get odd lag. Kill the boss and just a white screen appears then kicks you all, happens every time.  Seems to be only the host gets the memory error. Reset does not help. Seems to be a lot from UK having problem

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Shamrock, what exactly is the CEO email for Activision because this is absurd...Activision actually promoted 2 Execs from Sledgehammer into Activision last fall and the only thing we've all seen is the Worst COD Zombies Game of all Time. Sounds like they needed a Demotion...not a Promotion. 


And to the previous commenter, it's not just in The UK. This garbage has been happening Worldwide since the Shamrock and Awe Update...


Sledgehammer Support introduced Gun Charms (see Rainbow Six games from 2014 for Originality) and basically BROKE Zombies..


But why should anyone be surprised. Has anyone filled out the WW2 "Survey" towards Activision Support? All of it is worried about the gamers Multiplayer Experience....


And i do mean ALL of it...I HAD to bring up their Garbage Zombie Game in "Additional Comments."



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Yeah I'm about to contact the CEO office again its been over a week now since this started and if you go on the Activision site and look at the list of issues they are investigating or working on this issue isn't even on the list and look at all the people in this support area that have said they are having the exact same issue but yet it ain't on the list 

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I just started having this issue today, I was playing zombies, it was just me and my brother playing on the same system.  I have an Xbox one s, I recently bought the new dlc, and for some reason, I can only play it if I go online and make it so ppl can’t join, because in local, it only shows I only have one map, it’s not even showing the other zombies map anymore...  anyways, I was playing today, I want to say I was at level 4 and then It crashed and gave me the message memory error 15 605. 

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Thanks @Socalsalvii and @SP4RKS21

Appreciate the information about how that is happening to each of you in particular. @Socalsalvii it sounds like you might be running into a different issue in relation to the one map (feel free to send me a PM about that and we can work through fixing that), but the memory error is still being worked on and there isn't any ETA at the moment. I'll be sure to jump back in and let everyone know once I hear some updates about that, but you can be certain that we are bringing it up every day. 


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Just to give you another point of view, it’s only zombies online, either on your own custom game or with random online still kick you out When the host enters the bunker everytime, but when you play as not host it just comes up as lost connection to host when host goes in bunker room, my error number was: memory error 0 2878 

also I got to like round 10 outside the bunker when 2 other people was in the bunker but I didn’t go in but soon as I did at round 11 kicked out doesn’t matter what round just when host goes in bunker! 

thanks for your work hope gets fixed soon 

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Hey everyone, 

Good news! A fix is in progress for this and if everything goes well we should be seeing that deployed soon. However, no exact ETA on it yet while SHG is still verifying it and working on it. I'll update again if we get an exact date as to when that update and fix is coming out. 



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