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I am writing this in hopes that I can gain enough community for the devs of this game to make a change. I have two proposals that I feel will make the WW2 Zombies experience a better one. 


First off, I love Zombies. I play it more than TDM. There are some things that frustrate me and I want to say something about it. I have some ideas that could work and they are as follows: 


1. Give us the ability to vote-kick a player from a match and lobby.  I have been in plenty of situations where there is a player who is running around with 25k+ jolts, not playing as a team. Then we get to the part where we all have to shoot the Tesla gun together and we're stuck. The other player is nowhere to be seen or heard of. The 3 members could vote to kick this fourth player from the match and move on with the easter eggs while also allowing an open spot for someone to join a late game.


2. Add a Quickplay and New Game option: Adding to the first request. Quickplay would allow you to quickly join a game that is already in progress. Maybe they had kicked out a player and could use a fourth one. This could allow someone to select Quickplay and join such match. New Game on the other hand will start a game at the beginning only.


What do you all think? 

I am hoping to get enough comments and input to get the dev's (and decision makers') attention. 

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There is a lot of high rounds players who are not interested in the EE myself included so that maybe why they are not getting involved. I have completed the casual EE when I had no intention of ever doing it but I did help the team by opening doors reviving and dropping jolts. As for joining games I prefer to start at the beginning to set up my game .   Thats just my thoughts.

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