Master prestige no special camos !

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So im master prestige 200 in zombies and didnt receive any of the master prestige camos but multiplayer did .. not fair at all sledgehammer ive grinded fairly , and all i get is 100 more pay roll .  Dont you guys agree ? Us master prestigers in zombies should get the camos as well .

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Hi i have the same problem

Guns won't unlock

Camo's won't unlock

Emblems won't unlock

Calling cards won't unlock

Put in the time and hours for this and has been a complete waste of my time.

Wish I never bought the game and season pass

Multiplayer is trash, so hopeful of zombies.

What a complete joke of a development team and a game.


the fly
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Totally agree, but having noticed the nearly all of the posts on this thread have not been answered by Activision, I suppose their answer would be .... what ever!

Now expecting my account to be locked? Lol

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