Melee upgrades in weapon build kits?

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For more than a month, I’ve had a green star next to the melee section in my weapon build kits. I cannot clear that star, but there isn’t any new option or customization for me to make.

image.jpgMelee section of Weapon Build Kit screen




What am I missing? Is there an update or a hidden weapon that I need to unlock? It’s like having a notification on the home screen of your phone that JUST WON’T GO AWAY and it’s driving me mildly bonkers. 



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These green stars have been an issue in this game since day 1, uniforms, calling cards, emblems, weapons, etc...


I'm sure it's just a bug since you can only pick the shovel and choose camo's for it.


I have a green star for "Launcher" too.


I just try to ignore them.

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