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Same issue for me and my wife.opening mines is a 90% chance to kick me also.somtimes just unlocking bunker does it I have deleted my game from my Xbox one and redownloaded it.i have transferred game to an Seagate usb 3.0 drive still does it.and my latest test was to reset my Xbox 1 s gears of war collectors edition back to factory and started from scratch and yet still I'm getting memory errors

For reference I'm running a nighthawk xr500 my internet is 150mbps and I have it hardlined.and for giggles tried it wirelessly to no avail... At this point this issue is so we'll documented across the board and has been unaddressed by the developers for so long the reality it seems is the have no interest I addressing this issue they have made their money off the game and it's the lack of concern after release that truly shows whether a developer cares about their "fanbase" after they make their millions from it's release

I for one will not be supporting the next rendition into the COD franchise for this reason.they make sure to patch multiplayer several times a day sometimes to prevent hacking ect but can't be bothered to fix an abviouse coding issue that has been present since day one shame on you!

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