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Okay so I’ve been playing Nazi zombies ever since release and I see so many possible Easter eggs but its very hard to decifer between them just being a glitch or being part of the game as an Easter egg. (And good god there are so many glitches to be found it seems to be more fun finding the glitches rather than EE) anyhow I know I’m not a super hard core gotta find them all type of gamer but let’s get our minds together and figure this map out. Nothing we can do about the glitches so let’s just deal with them and take advantage of what we can do so far.

         1. I’ve found pretty suspicious 3 clocks in the laboratory, up by the big bulbs but still don’t know what I could turn to match the time of them since the three tops in the toy store display doesn’t turn after you receive the record and the clocks display minutes in the hour and not just hourly like the tops go by. 


        2. There are some little liquor bottles spread throughout the map and some explode when shot and some don’t. Now I haven’t counted how many I’ve gotten to explode but I know there are a lot, but why they stand out to me is only some of them explode and they have a animation where they spray purple liquid when shot and not all of them can be shot.


     3. Okay so most doors have snow or dirt in front of them where it looks pretty obvious that it will never be opened but there are a few that I’ve found that look like for sure there has to be a way to open. First one was in the blood room to the right of the switch that activated the shoots for PAP, it’s next to a suspicious box with a door leaning on it that looks easily exploded or moved. Second there is a door right above the explodable gas tank to the left of the power generator in the village (it’s more like one of those lockers that need to be hit with a whistler or bomber zombie). The other one is on the floor to the right of the first mystery box location down in the bunker on the floor at the bottom of the stairs leadin to the Tesla gun crafting table. The last one is in the command room to your left when you’re looking at the Tesla crafting table down the first set of stairs, now I know there are a few more that have been opened and we don’t know why but these are some that I’ve personally found suspicious. 


      4. Has anybody else noticed the Roman numerals 1 everywhere on the walls? The first one I noticed was right below the first street lamp you have to shoot to get the Tesla gun Easter egg started on the concrete wall (oh and that’s where some of the explodable liquor bottles are). 


       5. This one might be hard to explain but down in the bunker there are eye holes that look like you could link them to a chain or something, they are on the floor in a circle around the first mystery box I’m sure it’s somehow further down into the Easter egg but definitely looks turntable or lift able by the hooks around the map and that starts me on the hooks so right when you enter into the bunker there is one of those Roman numerals on the wall and above it are two hooks and one of them has a ring like something needs to latch onto it. Another set of hooks are over on the dock where you shoot the coils on the water mill. there are three main hooks that look like you cannot move but on the left hand one there are two hooks that stand out and definitely look like they can be interacted with. 


      6. There are what looks like telephones throughout the bunker and in each wing going to the morgue and to the laboratory. The first one I saw was to the right of the labratory door on the wall. 


       7. Okay last one is the toy shop. Now I know there are a lot of clues we have been given about the jack in the boxes and the three shelves but has anybody figured out anything with the red bow in the display and the 12 ginger bread men? And why the hell there are dolls bunched together in certain locations. I have tossed jack in the boxes just about everywhere throughout the map and haven’t figured anything out.


So those are what I can remember off the top of my head so if anybody has any answers to help figure these out that would be awesome! Let’s figure this out together!


Sorry if i suck at explaining some locations since I’m currently not playing and all this is just from memory. 


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