Prestiging on Zombies = Not Receiving Loot Crates

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So right after i've Prestiged on Call of Duty: WWII for Nazi Zombies, i've noticed that i was still earning "Loot Crates" but not actually receiving them after going into the Supply Drops Menu. I'm not the only one having these issues and i've easily lost out on over 8-10 Supply/Rare Supply Crates. I've even played with randoms on there claiming to have experienced this same issue after Prestiging.

Here's some Video Evidence of me finishing my Match, earning a "Loot Crate" for Nazi Zombies but not actually receiving it:

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Its not just you. Its happening to me also and come to think of it, it was after i prestiged in zombies. Wtf?

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Yes, known issue. Prestige 1 to 4 you get the supply drops irregularly, beyond prestige 4 none at all. 

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Same here... I hope they compensate zombie players who have prestiged, multiple times without receiving any zombie loot crates.

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they will not compensate anyone for any of the is sad and dissappointing. we all agreed to everything good and bad by being forced to accept user agreement just to play.

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I have the same issue... no more supply crate for me now... even if i earn them! There is nothinf to open in the supply crate menu Smiley Sad

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its not just after prestige 4, im prestige 1 and no supply crates at all, it says ive earned em but nothing is there.

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same with me. Activision are really **** if they do not compesate the lost loots! They asking monen for the loots. So they have to do something at least give us a big loots.

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They just fixed the bug regarding lootcrates not dropping and in addition have decided NOT to reimburse players who have prestiged. I'm probably done playing. Unfortunately for me they already have my money.

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No they havent!! This has been my second TONIGHT playing public. I was recieving them da day b4 yest. Yest idk i didnt play much but only after switching from custom to public. . now im not getting at either!!!! Da crap man!!!!! 


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