Really Annoying Zombies Glitch

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So while my friends and I were on the last step of the easter egg the battery that you have to stick to Klaus got stuck in a sandbag and we could no longer retrieve the battery, causing my friends and I to not be able to complete the HCEE as well as having to end the game right before actually completing the HCEE. If we could get this glitch fixed so it never happens again by accident that would be great. Here are some photos of where it got stuck. 20171203182734_1.jpg20171203182738_1.jpg20171203182743_1.jpg20171203182746_1.jpg20171203182749_1.jpg20171203182840_1.jpg20171203182843_1.jpg20171203182935_1.jpg20171203182937_1.jpg20171203182943_1.jpg

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I have the same thing, it s very *****ting

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