Seriously fix zombies ....we should do a lawsuit against these guys for broken condrey cancerous syndrome...

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More glitches than before launch ...seeings at launch I got supply drops...fix your game or baby Jesus will leave you burning in a firey hell caplist dirtbags. This is my fifth time writing you Nazis and no one replied imagine that...

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yeah these guys sell a game then go afk, there’s not even one post from them and we’re on the OFFICIAL forum lol

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Considering before the leaderboards quit functioning was at 3.5 million on the board. 3,500,000 * 59.95 = $209,825,000. I know a guy who can fix it cheap. lol

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I feel ya brotha! Haven't been able to prestige in days and the supply drops never appear for me anymore after I EARN them...Spent $65 on a ***** broken game. I feel even TREYARCH would have fixed a problem like this already. So freaking annoying!!
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