The darkest shore game breaking bug (boss fight)

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While getting to the boss fight solo, I get the fight the first muchlers (spider zombies) on the beach. 

Then after a while I find myself just running across the beach in the fog. There are no more muchlers (spider zombies) spawning in, the mist won't dissapear and i cannot use the minecart system.

I have been shooting up regular zombies for about 20 minutes now without he game progressing and without seeing the boss zombies. 


Has anyone experienced this problem and is there any fix for it?

I did buy the self revive blitzz while fighing the fist boss zombies.


After a while even the regular zombies stopped attacking me! Please Help!


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Literally just now happened to me too after trying for days to beat this solo. So angry. If anyone has found a solution for this please let me know. And is it even possible to beat this map solo, or will this happen every time?

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