The screen is blurry!! Fix this!! Now!!!

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The screen is blurry!! Fix this!! Now!!!

The shadowed throne map requires you to look at a map and list by the mystery box which often appears very blurry. While the first two times i played i was able to position myself in such a way i got a quick glimpse of the numbers and guessed well enough. Today, however, the list stays completely blurry, never focusing in or clearing up. I have been standing there for 20 minutes at the current time zooming in and nothing works. Im sue it was placed into the game to be a cute “challenge” but its a fail. I dont have great eyesight and i am trying to enjoy the game. Care about that. There are other ways to add difficulity to the game. Difficulty as it pertains to eyesight should not be one of them.

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Re: The screen is blurry!! Fix this!! Now!!!

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Yeah I have the same problem playing single play haven't been able to read the blurry map since level 6 now and 10 it's harder and still won't come into focus. Can't advance and it's lame.

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