Tortured Path Easter Egg Not Available For Solo

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Tortured Path Easter Egg Not Available For Solo

The tortured path easter egg should be able to be completed in solo custom games. Currently you cannot see the cutscene or unlock the survival maps unless you play in a public match. The friends I play with on COD don't care about zombies easter eggs, and I now I can't unlock the survival maps unless I play Public Match roulette and hope I get teammates who also want to easter egg hunt. Plus, since the maps end on round 10, I couldn't even attempt to do the easter egg by myself with randoms in the game because we would beat round 10 well before I could manage the steps on my own. Please change this so I can complete the easter egg in solo custom games on my own time without relying on random people to help me.


If this is by design and your goal is to force players to work together, then the matchmaker needs to allow you to seek out people who had mics and were also interested in working on the easter egg (Similar to Overwatch's Looking for Group system). I don't like the random nature of public matches with the current matchmaker. Blindly hoping that your teammates have the same objectives as you is not fun at all. However, it's probably too late for a system like this in WWII zombies, so just allowing us to complete the easter egg solo would suffice.


On a side note, I also feel like there is an issue with how WWII zombies currently scales difficulty for a solo experience. It seems like all the easter egg steps are significantly more difficult for solo players. It would be nice to see some quality of life changes in this area because quite a few zombies players prefer to do things solo. 

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This map is a farce, I won't be buying the final DLC if it's even remotely simular. I play solo and the fact SHG sold me something I need to play online to unlock has left a sour taste in my mouth. Atleast unlock them for local play!!

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