Tortured path problem

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Tortured path problem

Ok, first thing. Please fix the battery part of the ee into the storm. It keeps glitching, so we cant pick up the battery.


Second thing, in chapter two. 

What the ***** do you need to do in the challenge round when it says something aint right???


Third thing, fix the supply drop system. 

8 days with multiple drops, and best thing i got was 1x uberladen 3 charges. All other ***** i got was either one charge crap or a lot of panzershrek, bazooka and self revives (panzer got 19 in 8 days, bazooka got 31 in 8 days and self revives got almost 50 in 8 days). As for the rest 0 double jolts, and only one charge ***** of the good stuff. If you go on like this, you should also release a how-to video on youtube:

How-to ***** up zombies and release ***** nobody wants, but let people pay a lot of money for it. 

Tik em aan ouwe!
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