Zombies B.A.T Elite challenge Won’t unlock.

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I beat the egg on round 19 and with a friend so I know I didn’t get all the challenges done. But I did beat it without going down and without using special abilities, equipping mods or consumables. ( challenge E and D) but they stayed locked???? Do all those challengers have to be done on solo?? Also made it to round 25 on Groesten Haus and didn’t get that challenge either??? Wtf y’all??

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I'm having the same issue I've done the BAT elite agent Challenge four times having to beat the hc ee without mods consumables or special at this point it's either I get my credit or I'm done with game I literally only play cod for zombies and this is infuriating btw everyone of if my challenges for the elite are complete except for the mods consumable and special 

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all mods and consumables have to be unequiped, you cannot self revive, you cannot trigger your special....this applies to every player.

I just helped three people get it yesterday so I know it's working.

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Little late but I need help getting g the bat elite anyone help me add me on psn Cam_Is_Barbie if u will help 

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Not sure if someone has already replied to you but most likely your challenge didn't unlock for a couple reasons. First the entire lobby cannot go down or use specials/mods/consumables this includes self revive. Whenever trying to complete a challenge the rest of the players also must do it. Example: if they go down and you don't, you still fail. Secondly trying to get the mountaineer [grosteen hous] going to round 25 has to be down on the PROLOGUE not the grosteen hous map. You can do each challenge Seperatly or all together doesn't matter. Hope this helped.   

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