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i just got d/c at round 99. how unbelievable. please fix this mess.

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Same issue, seems they simply don't care. Not even a response we have about it.
What's is the point to have an Easter egg that last 2hours since you can't play half hour without issues
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Update: February 13, 2018 and it’s still doing this to me probably 70% of the time. What a joy..

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I have tried for nights to do the Easter eggs and the connection keeps getting interrupted. Either by losing connection to the host or some other bs. Fix it NOW!!

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It is still happening 4/5 games I play in public matches and even happens sometimes in private matches it’s august 18th please fix this

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  1. Yup, still happening, THANKS ACTIVISION! PSA if you happen to finish an Easter egg, DOWN YOURSELF RIGHT AFTER. I had failed Beast from Beyond quite a few times, stepped away for awhile  and just attempted it again tonight, and well I completed it! So instead of downing myself, I started going for the other trophies for the map, but during that, I got disconnected. I still have my trophy, but no directors cut. I cant believe Activision and Sledgehammer are this goddamm lazy, the game has been out for 2 years now! They really know how to piss their customers off.

Rant over, sorry!

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