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I have been kicked from 2 zombie game when I am on round 29 either from people leaving or just randomly (I have great internet so it's not that). I do not get any of the levels from the game for the stats. This is incredibly irritating and is making it almost impossible to level. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

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100% agree, their are times I put myself down on purpose, in fear I'm going to get kicked and lose all Exp. 

"Not how anyone should play a game".


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Yeah I resorted to that a few games ago, underestimated the last guy alive and he kited zombies long enough that I got dropped while waiting for him to die. it was a great way to build up all that suspense of is he really going to do the whole wave on his own just to get kicked in the stomach.


Posted in another thread about this disconnect problem. I'm in the same boat, never have internet issues and yet Ive probably lost almost as many levels as I've gained.


Maybe they were going for a single player zombies experience.

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Same here
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same. this is terrible happens all the time i woudl be level 500 by now. instead im level 10 because i always disconnect on round 60 or so

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Just happened to me to. I want to play the game but it just keeps pi**ing me off. Wont be on for awhile or might even trade back in after i finish campaign

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This keeps happening to me, but only when I'm playing on split screen...  It's getting really annoying, we keep getting the same error code.  Error: Requested a command not received.  Please please please fix!  This has been happening since the release date, I'm shocked it hasn't been fixed with all of the updates they've released since then.  Seriously considering trading it in at GameStop because it's obnoxious!

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happened again for the 11th time. I had to let myself die at level 65 just because i was afraid it wouldn't save my progress. This is not how the game should have to be played. Terrible.

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Same, just went 42 rounds, got lagged out and got nada for it. If you want further support fix it Sledgehammer.

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Just got disconnected, myself at 2am. After having played for about 3 hours, I find this incredibly frustrating. I won’t be playing Zombie mode again until this is fixed. I’ve even video evidence of achieving personal highscores, and still it displays my older stats. Completely pointless to invest time into this mode, if it’s not having live stat recordings - and it’s prone to disconnections/stat wipes, then we’re heading for a disaster.


Will Activision or Sledgehammer manually update my stats if I were to provide them with video footage lasting over 10 minutes?


This is hilarious, just noticed that I got a trophy screenshot, which displayed my rank at the time of a promotion, higher than the level of my ‘current’ leaderboard stats. What’s that telling you?

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