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CANT prestige, CANT receive my supply crates. So sledgehammer, the balls in your court with this awesome piece of s*** you guys call a game. Leave call of duty up to the pros next time.


in other news, looking for some good mature zombies peoples to roll with. Hit me up, Xb1 llOMGitzChrisll 


lowercase L btw..

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It is happening to me as well. Ever since I've prestieged I haven't received1 supply drop even after it says I've earned it. I'm mid way done prestige3 and just stopped playing what's the point of grinding if I dont get anything? I also wrote Activision 4 times about it and got no response. Posted in here and got nothing back from them. Then realized i got screwed outta my cod points everyone got as well. This is ridiculous.


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Bonjour moi qan je gagne un ravitillemen je ne pe pa le fai il nya rien

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