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Is it time to go to the press to report these issues? Activision doesn't seem to care about their customers, they can't even be bothered to reply to messages. This is well over a month now and still happening every single game.

Will someone have the decency to get in touch?

I've only gone up two five levels in as many games. I can normally do at least two per game. This is really ridiculous now.

Please respond.


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Xbox1 gt RODRAL

I have had the same issue. Is it not being fixed because only some accounts are affected? I want my money back. What was the point of buy the season pass if it is unplayable? WOW there are clovers everywhere.....cute-but I would rather play a complete game!! 

Has anyone called Treyarch for help?? Suck it up and get some programmers that now how to launch a dlc. This is what testers are for, am I right?? This is beyond frustrating. I have done a fresh install, hard reset, and nothing has worked. Maybe you guys need a hard reset, and maybe you should do a fresh install of the shamrock and awe update. Hopefully you guys are using all your resources testing the next glitter package you have planned next. I hope it’s not an Easter or CInco de Mayo theme. Lol. Actually, I wouldn’t care either way, as long as it works. 


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This is the pits. I've been posting on here and as of two days ago on reddit. They say that there's a patch coming for it soon but its been going on for a very long time. The whole game is unplayable to me if zombies isn't working. They are barely even talking about it over on reddit. To think they can put out such a broken game and still proceed to ask to pay for more dlcs or future games. I feel like they think we are mindless spending machines willing to buy crap cause it comes in nice packaging. Not this guy. Fix it or it's over for COD possibly xbox since it gets treated like a step child anyway.

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Hey everyone, 

The fix for this should be out as of last night. Make sure you've downloaded and updated the game. However, if anyone is still seeing this error (or any other memory error) after the update please do reach out so we can report it back up to SHG. Grab a screenshot of that error too. 

Thanks all and hopefully this one will never resurface. 



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Agree. The Final Reich appears to be working now on Xbox. I haven't tried the Darkest Shore yet today, but that map only rarely had problems. So, thanks Sean!

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Glad to hear it and thanks for checking! Please let me know if you see anything. 

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I've been getting the error for a while, and I might have been getting the error since Christmas, when I got the game. I've been getting an error since I got the game, but it seems to only be the first match I play of zombies. After that, I'm fine. I get it rarely playing multiplayer as well. I haven't done anything to see if I could fix it, I thought that it would've been fixed by now, but this is my next best choice

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Its been happening since the shamrock update was installed onto the console for me its not so much multiPlayer affected by it. But its nazi zombies that has been affected by the reich and darkest shore, what happens is you would spawn in get through rounds then it would freeze, different lobbies different rounds for me no more then wave 19 and have had alot of accurances where it would freeze on wave 1 or wave 2 . So once it has froze your instantly pulled from the game and sent back to either the zombie lobby or the home screen of multiplayer. There you would see pop up or alert message saying why the game had ended e.g memory error or lost connection host error. Tho i kno its not my internet thats failing, nat type is open i have a wired connection bandwith usage isn't that high my latency i.e (PING) is good download and upload speeds are also good. The statistics aint perfect but are not that bad to lose connection to every game i join or host.for me multiplayer runs fine no problem there runs smooth with no connection error or memory  error its the zombies lobby or in game that have issues ok i will end it there lol..

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Sucks I can’t play my favorite part of the game with friends dude to this error. Please fix this QUICK. Xbox One GT: Lil Mxnsta900

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Like most others attempting to play either zombie map it has become either lose host connection or get that error code all of this is random at no one point to identify.this all started when the st pats day update came in. Like everyone I've seen posting its not in the systems of the owners but a problem at server end.

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