Any body a good sniper?

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i love sniping i usually use mosin or arisaka
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I wouldn't say that I'm good but I wouldn't say that I'm bad either. Depending on the day and game, I can score a fair number of kills or I get murdered instead. Favorite sniper rifle is a scoped Arisaka.
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ive been sniping since third prestige and would say im pretty quick with the scope

favorite = kar, spring, ari in that order
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Got a mate in our clan SnowyOwl. He's awsome at sniping. Full sprint,Stop, Aim, Fire. Your dead. Sometimes I don't even see what he shoots at.
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I would say i'm a damn good sniper... but sometimes i have off days like anyone else

i use the Kar98k and mosin
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I'm a decent sniper and my fav gun is the kar and PTRS
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The Garand is my favorite Sniper... Nice and quiet too.

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over 150+ head shots with PTRS. so i would say i don't suck.
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I'd say I'm pretty damn good for just starting out. I only started sniping when I reached 10th level. when I saw how much better sniping was I created a new account and started over. Still under a days worth of play but doing good so far. Fav's are Arisaka, Kar98K and Mosin in that order. Bayonets only.
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sometimes i am
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