Anyone still play WaW on pc?

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Just wondering if the servers are still up for WaW and if people still play. i have been dying to play some cod recently but hate all the new ones and want to play WaW because it was my favorite. So i want to see if people still play it on pc before i buy it thanks!

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I still play WAW on pc, it is still one of the best cods!!     if you want to play pm me


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If someone play nazi zombies coop, add  me on steam ★HeLLFiRe★ idk trough i have the pirated version, we can play lan

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Lots of servers still active for the pc , i recently started playing it again.

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I also have jumped back on W@W recently, and have had a awesome fun time playing it.

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i do, add me on steam if you have, also anyone else feel free to add me

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Hey I don’t know how long ago you typed this but the severs are still up not many people play but I still do and if you buy it I was wondering if you want to play with me
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