Banned for being in a hacked lobby. (Nazi Zombies & Multiplayer)

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Banned for being in a hacked lobby. (Nazi Zombies ...

Hey there. I'm Iraxt. I used to play CoD: WaW before some random hacker got me banned. This was ca. 3 years ago i think. Can't remember how long ago. But I think I got a perm ban. My rank was set to lvl 0. I haven't played it since. Could you guys, who control the bans, unban me?

History of how it happened.

One night I joined a random game at Nacht der Toten (or Untoten. I don't seem to remember the name). I joined as the last survivor. One of the guys had a name coloured with all the rainbows colors. The round started when the guy with the rainbow coloured name invited me to a party. When I joined the party the guy said I couldn't play Nazi Zombies anymore. I got shocked by what he said and I wouldn't believe him. So I just left the party and the game and hoped he were just joking with me. He wasn't. When I tried to join a multiplayer game it stood that I couldn't play because my lvl was under 1. I really don't know what happened. Did I get hacked or banned for being in a hacked lobby? So I posted a thread at XBL's forum and asked for help. Most of the people there said I got banned for being in a hacked lobby and should come to Treyarch or here. So I guess they were right and now I'm asking for help here.

Can someone please tell me if i got banned or hacked? And what I should do to get unhacked/unbanned?

Please post something that could help me get back into playing Nazi Zombies/Multiplayer. Thanks

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