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I think CoD:C&I would be best.

Call of Duty Cowboys and Indians. Snipers with Bow and Arrow. I can see it now. 7 kill streak, everyone smokes the magic dragon and everything gets hazy. Oh yes...oh yes.
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GhostSquad wrote:


COD:CW would also be pretty awesome. Oh the Cold War...

I second that mo- wait a minute . . .
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The history channel got together with a game producer and made a game like this a few years back. I've never played it. You could probably get a used copy for like $4.
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that would be cool but i dont think many people would get it because it takes about 30 seconds to reload a musket. if they had "Uber Slight of Hand" then maybe

also, the muskets werent accurate at all. the shot would move after about 20 or 30 yards. if the kentucky long rifle was there then that would be nice but i dont think that the rev. war would work out too well for a cod game. dont say "oh you just hate the revolutionary war" because i love revolutionary american subjects and i love studing things from the 1700s especially the 1770's-1810's
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