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You may of seen me post this up before.

Cod:WaW PC does support the Xbox 360 Controller! Just a simple console command turns it on, simply type this up: exec default_controller.cfg

If you're going to turn it on ingame, add / before the command.

Just one thing that bugs me about the support. It is proper, which is good, aim assist also works on mp (only assisting, not automatic lockon), but when you want to do something, for example, "Press A to jump over", all it is, is just a colored letter, not an image of the button, like what it does on the Xbox 360 version. This is also annoying when you want to call in support and recon planes for example, it says "DRIGHT", yes it seems clear what to press, but I want those images!

If anyone else uses the controller for the PC version and agrees with these points, post your thoughts here.

Side note: If Treyarch bothered to work on the controller support a bit more, they should include an option to turn on the controller in the Controls section of the Options menu, add Controller layouts (just like, if not similar to the console counterpart(s)) and adjust sensitivity.

When I can I'll try post up some images of what I meant on some of these points. This is what Treyarch should do in Patch 1.6, complete the controller support.

I also know how to change the numeric pings on the scoreboard into the bar graphics, just like the console versions.
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that's all i can tell u
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mohfan101 wrote:




that's all i can tell u

No. Just no.

And if you want everything to be like a console, go play on a console
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its great that WAW supports xbox control,

i happen to have one too. for street fighter 4 (lol)

but in my opinion you will get owned using a controller on this.

keyboard & mouse has always been better for shootem ups {my opinion]

as the post says before, if u wanna use a controller just get a console.

But every1 with half a brain knows PCs are superrior { sorry for poor spelling }
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I have been looking for a way to use my 360 controller! you are a godsend! i have configured my 360 controller in the control panel as a usb controller.... but....I am a total noob to the pc version.... where do i type exec default_controller.cfg??? sorry to be a bother!
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It's no bother. Just go into your game options and make sure you have Enable Console set to YES.

Then press the tilde key ( ~ ) to drop it down. That is where you type /exec default_controller.cfg and hit enter.
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I think it's safe to say MW2 will be the ultimate console port and the OP can expect full controller support in MW2.
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Mr.Non wrote:


ultimate console port

I got the same impression. Another strike against the "vaunted" IW.
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Doesn't work
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Thank you! works great! I have been a console player for my whole life so I couldn't grasp the keyboard and mouse set up! Its so difficult, I have a lot of respect for people out there who have mastered it! I bought the pc version for the extra zombie maps and to play when the 360 version is being hogged by my other half! lol. thanks for the help!
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