I can't play solo/ co-op just black screen! help? PC on disc (NOT STEAM)

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So whenever I try to start Cod:5 (WaW) Solo/ co-op it just loads until I tab out and into it again,then it procceds to load but it's just a black screen ( I can kinda interact cause hear audio and when I move my mouse around it touches the Options). I've tried lots of things like reinstalling and even the method of starting it in offline mode... I really want to fix this any help? or is cod waw too old so no one cares? I've tried everyway of starting the game: Menu for mp and even the folder. nothing works (Multiplayer works fine)

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Ive also got this probelm. I can play multiplayer just fine but black screens on launching Solo/Coop and can hear the menu in background. Been trying to find a fix for a few weeks now.

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