Mod Tools 1.2.1 Released (5/7/09)

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Mod Tools 1.2.1 Released (5/7/09)

Hey modders!

We're happy to provide these additional FX source files from Map Pack 1. Now, let's see what you guys cook up with 'em!

Note: the 1.2.1 package is INCREMENTAL - it will require you to have the 1.2 (and original installation of the mod tools) to be useful. Find 1.2 below as well.

Added Files in 1.2.1:

- FX files used in Verruckt, Kneedeep, Nachtfeuer, and Subway.

    1.2.1 Download Mirrors:
  • FPSAdmin -
  • MODSonline -

The Mod Tools 1.2 release is officially HERE!

The Fixes:

- Custom models no longer crash the lighting process in Launcher.exe when compiling a map that contains a custom model.

- Converter's "ERROR: dll version number does not match converter version" error has been resolved.

- Launching "mp_usermaps" in the /mods directory no longer causes clients to be kicked when joining the host's game.

Added and Updated Files:

- and all .map prefabs associated with it.

- code_post_gfx_mp, flamethrower, mp_vehicle_fx, nazi_zombie_asylum, vehicles_drivable_mp, water, and zombiemode CSV files.

- ambient, attack, behind, crawl, death, elec, laugh, n/sprint, sprint, and taunt Zombie sound effects.

- destructibledef and destructiblepiece files.

- Updated dlls in the /deffiles folder.

- Updated new scripts.

- DLC xmodel, xmodelparts, and xmodelsurfs files.

- DLC xanim files.

- DLC materials and material_properties files.

- DLC weapons, vision, ui_mp, maps, collmaps, and animtrees files.

- mp_tool.exe and sp_tool.exe.

- asset_manager, AssetViewer, cod2map, cod2rad, CoDWaWRadiant, converter, EffectsEd3, Launcher, linker_pc, MODSound, and ShaderCompiler executibles.

Reference the full README enclosed. Note that this is not a stand-alone package, and that you need the original Mod Tools 1.0 release. This package DOES contain all the files included in the 1.1 package, however, so in that sense it is cumulative.

    1.2 Download Mirrors:
  • FPSAdmin -
  • MyCallOfDuty -
  • WorthPlaying -
  • FilePlanet -
  • Gamershell -
  • AusGamers -
  • MODSonline -
  • CustomCoD -;sa=view;down=321


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