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- The lack of variety for Hardcore game modes 

- the amount of time each search & destroy round FORCES the player to rush

- Whe shooting someone in the back compared to the front, damage is noticeably weaker from the back 

- only can game chat in hardcore but core party chat is allowed

- stuck spectating after choosing class 

- enemy’s spawning directly behind me 

Side note- the maps are lackluster at that but the fact that there seems to be only 6 maps at the launch of the game is trash. 2 of the maps are some of the worst call of duty maps I’ve ever played ( USS Texas, The Cannon) I know I’m just another person who fills the pockets of Call of Duty creators, but when paying 100 dollars for the game, I didn’t expect their to be a growing list of issues within the first week of play.

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Yeah wrong forum
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