Splitscreen console-commands?

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I know that there already is threads about splitscreen, I've searched as much as i can but haven't found anything about this, but I apologize if I have missed it.

Anyway this is not a discuss question, this is more of a question for the developers -people who actually KNOW what they are talking about- so PLEASE... no spontaneous guess-answers from random forum members...

So I was searching for the word "splitscreen" in the in-game console and found a few commands such as:






And so on, and I got really excited because I thought that I had found something interesting but now I'm not so sure anymore ><

So.. I was just wondering what those things are? Is it something about that you actually CAN play PC splitscreen?

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The commands are "left overs" from the console version of the game.And they don't work!

And you CAN'T play splitscreen on pc as long as it starts supporting 2 keyboards(you can have more then 1 but they work as if you would have 1).

So if it wasn't for the above limit Trey would shurely add splitscreen to pc!
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Hmm I see...

I think it's really lame that there are so few PC split games, I mean split works just as good on the PC as long as you have enough controllers!

And World At War is one of the games I really can't understand why they aren't supporting split on PC.

I mean jesus christ it supports split on ALL other consoles...

It's so friggin lame...

Anyways, thanks for your answer.

Hehe I guess I was hoping for some kind of magical-solution answer or something.. ^^
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Actually you could dp splitscreen i have been trying to figure it out because if you have xbox 360 controller connected the you can open the console and type "exec default_controller.cfg" it will assign the controller buttons perfictly fine and to adjust senseitivity you  type "inpit_viewSensitivity 2" or replace 2 with any number from 0.000001 to 5 default is 1 but since you can do this you proably could setup one person as keyboard and other as controller or both people as controller from the looks of things you could do 4 people but treyarch or activison whoever removed splitscreen commands removed that function so if they were nice enough they could release a reallly far update or compile a mod that inputs the commands or have a dll file update to inject the commands into it splitscreen would work essentially or at least give out the code to implament split-screen would be the best thing to ever happen to pc world at war classic custom zombies splitscreen or even multiplayer Smiley Very Happy

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