Survivors Rescued in Black Cats

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begg_rfc wrote:


The 45 Zeros took me so long to do finally got 46 with my trophy, just got a few veteran levels to do..! Heart of the Reich included, that is solid..!

Get ready to play it a few hundred times. I suggest youtubing it and watching a highly rated walkthrough.
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I got 3 or 4 on Hardened, but I made sure no boats were shooting me when I did it. I'd let them stay there until it was clear, then help them in
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8 souls saved three i shot, it was an accident i sware
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Don’t know a trick to it but awhile I was playing ps3 and saved 8 totally have no clue how. Just was blasting away at the pt boats as my main focus then would save one or two and shoot planes next. If it’s possible to do again it’s going to take mad skill and not luck.
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