Who has the funniest COD GAMERTAG.......!!!!!!!

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I was playing against a guy the other night who was "that just happend". It made me laugh every time he killed me (which was a lot).
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was playing with someone i think two days ago on CoD4 called "LubeUpHerAss".
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The other day I played against somebody with the GT - SUKitTREBEK - which is funny if you know the Saturday Night Live Jeopardy Skit with Sean Connery. I've also seen DonKingsHair, Your Fat Dad, and Syphilherpeaids.
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i played with a kid named kevinisbtchn

you may not laugh, but in context i just thought it was funny as hell especially since he didnt have a mic.

my friends is VerbMyNoun which when someone mentions it you can turn it into anything like SuckMyDick
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My Gamertag used to be FyUoCuK but I had to change it

My friend's Gamertag is ihavalilpp haha I paid him 5 bucks to change it and he did it.
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I remember seeing one years ago.. "12in BlackHawk", I didn't get it at first =/
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ive got 2 mates with funny names or i find them hilarious - smokingbobgoblin and underdonecheese.
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I've played two guys who have not so funny gamertags but kinda weird, PoopieFace and PoopieHead.
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NoFatlip wrote:


MonsterDad wrote:


SkylarScaling wrote:


Yeah those are hilarious!

If you're 12... sheesh.

Yeah but admit it, anyone who is playing video games still has some 12 year old left in them.

No, toilet humor is really not that funny.

'I am swine flu', I would have just filed a complaint against you, seeing as people that put the word Jew,AIDS, etc in their GTs are all just are trying to impress people, anger people, or just do it for laughs. It's not funny.

guess you dont like mine then huH?[/quote]

LOLOL, you need to see what his gamername is in order to see why this is hilarious.
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