any people out there who use insane sensitivity

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i use insane sensitivity , number 10, for people who don't know on the sensitivity chart. after a couple games i was able to get the hang of it and know it feels completely natural i feel i am always a half second faster than everyone else and get accused of lagging all the time lol. any insane sensitivity people out there?
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I play at 9
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i just switched to high.
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I play at 7 or 8. Any faster than that, and it becomes impossible to aim good with rifles and bolt-actions.
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as i use all weapons i moved it from 10 to 7 and 7 is fast enough that i can move accurately and lkik lightning, 10 is called insane for a reason its too fast
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im at 2.
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that stuff is rediculace. I cant even turn a corner on insane without doing a 180...
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ive used 10 for about 2 months and all you have to do is just get use it to it.. i also think it shows your true skill set be able to play that high just my opinion lol and i just went 62-15 on war and got all these kids calling me a lagger lol i love it .. thank you insane sensitivity
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Is there any coordination between sensitivity and TV screen size?
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I use level 14 (Insane) if it's any slower I can't play, literally it makes me physically ill. 

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