cod 5 LAN server multiplayer problem with the key

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Hello to everyone, i need help since i have an original cod WaW game copy bought to play multiplayer with my friends.

Actually it always worked but since 2 days i'm getting the message "key is being used by another computer" when i create a LAN server only.

We bought 4 dvd's so we have 4 different keys-

I tried to put in the game folder the file "lan fix" but as soon as i launch it doesn't work.

the game version is 1.0.872.

I don't play co op but it works if i create an internet server (that i can see only LAN) and i don't receive the message the key is being used by....

Still i can join in others internet servers with my friends.

It's like if it sees more than 1 user with my original key even if it's just me using it and it's just when i open a Lan server

The problem happened just 2 days ago and affect also one of my friend the same way affect me.

I already tried to reinstall the game. same problem.

Does anyone knows how to fix it???


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