modders/how to get rid of the writing on my screen?

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every game i play online on multiplayer w.a.w theres at least 2 modders in the game and they have the stupid writing on my screen all the time i was wondering if there was a way to like void the modder ?

why isnt treyarch making a program that will stop all players that have tampered with the game not be able to play the game for real its all through internet they have to able to stop it ?

Activision have your money, they don't give a ***** about you, me or anybody else.

I was hoping to convince a few friends to pick up World at War because it was our favorite past CoD title and now its backwards compatible on the Xbox One, but with the Hacker issues I'm hard pressed to recommend it. You're spot on when you make the point that Activision already has the money it intended to make from the title, they don't give a ***** about anything else -- they don't see a reason to invest any effort or resources into addressing past title integrity issues.

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