most kills in a team deathmatch game

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I went 75-0 ...

NOT!! Just only 68-2
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I think you are in the wrong forum my guy

Also... 57 non tank map in W@W
Crunk N DaTrunk
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thank you for that wonderfull piece of spam. i wont go hungry now.
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one of my friends went 52 and 11 on a hc tdm and his team still lost lol

i personally think i got a 37
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i have gone 48 and 9 at downfall

loven the Thompson
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40-20 HC TDM.
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like 69-8 on tdm courtyard

but i got 72-5 in ctf courtyard( idk y on courtyard for both)
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Gingerballz wrote:


I had 53 kills on the wii, once. The dogs seemed a lot more effective on that console.

I used to play on Wii too. I think it is the players, not the dogs.
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63-10 on Castle TDM with MG42
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