the best time to use the monkey bomb

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i think the best time to use the monkey bomb is ether have to revive a friend

2. you have to reload

3. to get a max ammo you think is far away from position

and 4.when their are two many zombies crowding up in your area
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1. Its time to get off

2. You have to reload a MG, or you don't have sleight of hand

3. Your friends are mentally disablabled. and can't hold off zombies on round 15 when they got Rayguns & DG.

4. Your need to get ammo off the wall

5. You have to change your position

They should make it so Double Tap Root Beer makes grenades and monkey bombs and molotovs leave your hand quicker.
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obvious uses are obvious. but i have a better one:

5: to activate an electric barrier. no joke. on the catwalk, every little while, i throw a monkey into like, the tele or something while my mate covers me, then ill run and flick on the trap while reloading. by and large, my team can take out the existing zombies that were crowding around the bomb ( grenades work wonders combined with monkeys..) and i only have to deal with 1/2 zombies on my way back. its really worth it in later rounds when ammo is a nessesity. plus, if i threw it more to the right, everyone who had an STG could grab ammo while i flicked the power.
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Agree with most of it but the reloading part seems like a bit of a waste. Instead grab speed cola.
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