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    A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D

      I'd like to start off by saying Thanks for bringing back Team Tactical

      NOW, onto the zombies:
      I think the Nazi Zombies could be even better, I think it is great atm but only with 1 or 2 friends.
      Co-op zombies should have challenges just like the Co-op campaign but different ones that are Nazi Zombie related: Fixing 50 windows; Killing 100 zombies; Getting so many headshots in one game; getting so many revives in one game etc. The list could go on for a long while and would add more objective to the game.
      Another idea for Nazi Zombies would be to have a leveling system. For example, after each wave, depending on how many points you have obtained that round, you should be able to upgrade your stats such as your health, damage etc. Perks should also be purchasable, but not all of them. Sleight of Hand, Steady Aim, Double Tap all the useful ones :p My memory of the perks has just vanished :o lol. Attachments for weapons should also be purchasable from this menu, obviously not silencers as they would be useless :p. Bouncing Betties maybe bought? Perhaps that'd make it too easy but then again if you only had 2 and there are about 15 entrances then it might not help as much as you may think.
      Upgrades for the barriers could be bought: Wood with barbed wire wrapped around, this would cut the zombies when they try to enter, giving them less health when they do get in.
      Another idea could be the players character getting used to the weapons and in turn doing more damage and reloading it faster the more it is used. This idea could be an alternative to the perks idea.
      A story could easily be added, I don't know how many waves there are I've heard of it being 50? :S but if people can keep the story of "Lost" going I'm sure somebody can think of a little storyline for this.
      Another idea is obviously the need of new maps, I've added this because I think everyone agrees that Nazi Zombies is in need of new maps. Any more ideas of how the new maps could look would be appreciated I look forward to reading your ideas ^-^

      SORRY FOR THE ESSAY... But please read it I think its worth it. Please do leave any of your ideas I would love to read them      

      Read the rest of posts for more great ideas that others have left

      AND put Nazi Zombies on the Wii. Don't leave them out
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          1. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
          Please read my ideas above and then feel free to post your own up, I look forward to reading them all
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            2. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
            Epic templar, your ideas are grat and i'm sure many people are thinking exactly the same things!

            I think that the zombie mode xp should be linked with the multiplayer mode (although there is lots of glitching the majority of people don't).
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              3. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
              You sir, are a genius.
              5 stars.
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                4. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                Yeah your ideas r great. By achieving challenges in zombie mode u will definitley make ppl play it more and also maybe get like 1 exp per kill and 2 exp per headshot... And if you would be able 2 use perks i would definitley use fireprof... ha ha just kidding:D
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                  5. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                  a new level could be your in a bunker with turrets in it and theirs three ways for the zombies to get in one would be through that hole where the turrets are then a door and the one back window but if you open another door there would be a tunnel and you go through it but watch out for zombies breaking through the top and then you make it to a hq building witch is almost like the normal house in the normal level
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                    6. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                    Thank you so much for all of your ideas and comments. Keep them coming!

                    Capsdone, I like your idea of using Fireproof Hahaha Nice one, ChanChaFran thanks for the Genius part ^-^ and thanks to everyone who has posted so far, your input is valued especially new levels and the ideas of introducing exp to the Zombies are great, although to do this Treyarch would have to get rid of the glitches to make it fair to everyone.
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                      7. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                      Please tag this thread and keep an eye on it, tell your friends and ask them to come up with their own Nazi Zombies ideas and post them on here A big Thanks to everyone who has posted so far
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                        8. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                        ok well u just read my mmind over the last few months this has been out. me and my friends agree there should be perks like sleight of hand beause the double barrel and turrets would be much more useful if that was availible. also there shold be upgraded windows, but the story line i would really care for because this game is for survival not escape or anything. also the games story line would never end because if u ever watched the clip of the making of nzai ombies they said there are limitless levels. some of y ideas would be
                        -new maps for sure, EVERYONE wants new maps
                        -upgradable windows such as barbed wire and maybe metal barricades so they stay longer like 2 hits for one bar and upgradable weapons like attachments such as the grenade launcher or a scope
                        -perks such as sleight of hand and steady aim. maybe some blue perks but they wouldn't do much after like level 10
                        -4 player split screen for co-op
                        -make red barrels availible to repurchase like if u aim at it u can pay like 200 points each
                        -make a flamethrower attachment the cools it down faster at rest in co-op and online.
                        - for the mystery box make an option to spend 2000 points to get better chance at a turret, ray gun, flamethrower or shotgun.
                        -also make a mystery box for building upgrades  that cost 5000 points to open and u can get the the wall and u look where u want a wooden wall to appear appear so some1 can place it on the stairs or a door way to buy more time for survival but once the wooden wall has been found its chance of getting it decreases so people dont constantly get it making it unfair.the wall would take like 20 hits to get all the way through so its helpful. also make th upgrades i was talking about before like 1 item for the building box repairs all windows (6 posts so they dont go forever)and all barrels but also is unlikely to get. also another one could be a chance to get max ammo, no other ones like the nuke or insta kill just max ammo.
                        -the only ideas i really care abot are the first 7. the building box is kinda unfair to some extent
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                          9. Re: A Nazi Zombies Idea. Share your ideas here =D
                          I don't like Nazi Zombies.
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