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    Buttered Popcorn!!!!!

      Snakedoctor59 wrote:


      A serpent's egg is white and pure. A bird's is speckled and soiled.
      This is a castle... Here's a wall.
      The bird left the speckled egg for the white.
      The egg cracks; out comes a snake.
      Empty space above the wall. Why?
      The bird is gobbled by the snake.
      Where am I? Who am I?
      Stupid bird!

      Tatsuya Nakadai and Shinnosuke "Peter" Ikehata

      To save money, you don't spend it. It's as simple as that. You give maybe $100 at a funeral, $200 at a wedding. That's not good. A million is nothing if you spend it. But even $100 is yours if you save it. Say you're trying to fill a glass with dripping water. When it's half-full, you're thirsty, so you drink. But that's stupid. Wait until it's full. But still don't drink. Wait 'til it brims over and lick it. That way you save the water and drink.

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