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    Cool clan names!!!!!

      OK guys when i get bored i really get bored so i made a few clan names so if u like them go right ahead and use them.
      PTF-Pimp Trigger Fingers
      TCTW-Tampon Chucking Tiddy Wanks
      TBB-The Banzai Basteards
      TFF-The Frantic Fcks
      TAHS-The A§§ hunting saints
      HHH-handle handling hands
      ToB-The orgasmic Bayonettes
      TCC-The cl it commanders
      ACBH-The a§§ capping brother hood

      ...Ok the last one is my clan that i made people always ask what ACBH stand for well guys now you know.
           and People that just make random one's up like NOOB,or this guy's tag was pork or the stuiped B===D <that one  is just kiddish unless u guys just get super bored the second from the boom put it together