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    New Clan, Join the Masters of Bullets

      Hey everybody I made this clan for everybody to join, so we can rule the world!!
      This clan is for Black ops, and Modern Warfare Reflex
      Anybody can join as long as they meet the requirments
      MasterofPuppets is clan leader
      WE need as many people as WE can so WE can be unstoppable

      1. Must have an active E-mail so members can communicate and I can give out info
      2. No hacking or glitching
      3. Must be at least level 20 (unless prestiged)
      4. Name must include MoB in it somewhere
      5. Must post that you want to join and you friend code
      6. Must fill out the following info

      Favorite LMG
      Favorite SMG
      Favorite Sniper Rifle
      Favorite Assault Rifle
      Favorite Shotgun
      Favorite Game Mode
      Your Online Name
      Your Level
      Your E-mail Adress

      7. Have Fun


      1. MasterOfPuppets
      3. Tangotank

      1. Spec ops force
      2. Blue knights
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